When it comes to digital marketing, content holds enormous importance. No, we’re not talking about the size of the content. We mean, all kinds of content. Sometimes, a single word or symbol is enough to convey your message to the people, and sometimes one you need to write a whole essay and delve into minute details to send across and explain your message to the ones who engage with your content.

But most of us often mistake content with the written word. It is, but a part of content. Your content can be anything, a picture, a video, an audio, a write up; even a hashtag. When you are a digital marketer, you hold the power to change the world, all the while bringing value to the brand you’re servicing. How? With content!

What you create as content for your brands must engage, educate and delight the consumer. But if you notice, it works in the reverse order. Why do you think you vividly remember the television advertisements from the 90s? Because its content used to grab your attention first and delight you with its strong wit. It would then go on to educate you about the product/service it is promoting. And at last, they make you question yourself, “Do I want to use this service?” Even if you won’t need it? You will end up seeking the service or buying the product. The same thing applies to digital marketing today on the various online platforms, in the form of pop-up ads, social media posts, Instagram stories and blogs. Here are a few examples to prove our point.

Smartphones have become cheaper and internet is being made accessible for dirt cheap rates. This has made more and more people to seek knowledge and learn something new every day. And hence as a digital marketer you’ll be stuck in a dilemma on whether you now need to write more or shorten the words. Whether you need to use more images or design elements. What we suggest would be maintaining a balance of all of them in the “content” you create for promotion. Just like the below post on Instagram by Society Tea.

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